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Ari Minyan

    Notes of Life Zayin Shvat Jan. 7, 2013

    Tuesday of Parshas Beshalach Rivner (sp?) read Parshas Hamon for segulah for Parosah.

    Yesterday Rabbi Zalmy Brackman Gemora Shabbos 154? Do Teshuva now before you get too old, then its not worth as much.. Borchi Nafshi..Kuf Dalet Tehilihim  Yotzei Adom LaPoloiso, odei Mariv..go out to serve Hashem now while you still have a Yetzer Harah in full bloom, because when you get older the work is on a different plane..

    Reb micha Torah: Lukutei Moharan 192 Bitsar Harachvti vLi In Pain Make Wide for Me..Dovid says in Tehilim thank you Hashem that a slave is not running after me to kill me it’s only my son..find the good in any situation not like Od Miat find good in the actual situation and Hashem will make wide for you to see it all as for the good. Unbelievable story with the Rebbe Isaac Kaliver who was in tremendous back pain, he had to have iron hot rods put on his wounds to clean out the puss, he did not even wince, the man admin. he treatment said when the strongest soldier of the king get this treatment they scream like Banches. Why don’t you scream at all? Answered: the pain of a moment ago is over the pain of the future has not come yet, the pain of this instant I could put up with..its only for a n instant.


    Notes from Hashem from the Holy City of Yerushalayim 11/21/2013

    Counseling session with Yeshua Landua who turns out to be a Sanzer Chasid in disguise. Issue of healthy ego. Rav Chaim Sheinberg asked by guy worried about taking a position of authority to start a program for off the Derecch kids, because it might go to his head..

    Rebbe said:

    1.) If asking the question that shows you’re far from it..

    2.) And Hashem will protect you..(your Neshama will protect you. Rav in the 20,s said he was the Chasam Sofer of his generation. have to accept and embrace your Gadlos, that’s humility.

    Where true ego and false ego?

    Spoke with bhachur Tzvi Hersh at Mayanot asked him what his biggest struggle he™s dealing with. He said I™m trying the concept that I’m a human being rather then a human doing, not identifying himself by what he does even if its davenning and well did I davven today that’s  my worth or I’m I inherently worthwhile because I’m a Tselem Elokim a Chalek Elokay Mamash.

    I have inherent worth and that where I take my self esteem and then automatically I do good things, reach out share with others because that what I am, just an extension of my inner essential self worth.



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